DIVERT custody programme

What is DIVERT?

DIVERT is a police custody intervention programme that helps to reduce reoffending in young adults aged 18-25 who are being detained for violence.

Arriving in police custody can be a particularly low point in a young person’s life. DIVERT coaches use this time as a teachable moment.

DIVERT coaches are based in police custody suites and help divert young people into education, training and employment. They give their time with genuine interest to each young adult they meet in an effort to start a meaningful engagement and effective intervention.

The programme is confidential and DIVERT coaches are non-judgemental.

DIVERT always remains an open offer and an opportunity to make positive change. A number of young adults have reconnected with DIVERT after being released from prison, emphasising the impact the conversation in police custody had had on them.

DIVERT coaches don’t work for the police and aren’t involved in criminal proceedings. They are employed by football community trusts and their role is to divert young adults away from reoffending.

DIVERT is being offered at four custody suites across Lancashire:

  • Preston
  • Blackpool
  • Blackburn
  • Lancaster

DIVERT is an established, award winning programme that’s been operating at the Metropolitan Police Service for 5 years. During this time the Metropolitan Police have seen reoffending rates reduced by 19%. It’s based on this evidence that have brought the programme to Lancashire.

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