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300 knives taken off Lancashire’s streets during police anti-knife crime week

Lancashire Violence Reduction Network together with Lancashire Constabulary joined police forces nationally on the Operation Sceptre week of intense police action against knife crime which ran from April 26th to May 2nd.

During the campaign police increased pro-active work to prevent knife and violent crime through a range of initiatives yielding positive results.

300 knives were taken off Lancashire’s streets in total during Operation Sceptre week. Police officers made 72 arrests as a result of the operation, during which eight knives were seized. 26 public spaces were searched for weapons with help from police cadets and anti-knife crime campaigner Byron Highton of JJ Effect CIC, resulting in four knives being recovered.

A series of school visits from police officers and anti-knife crime campaigner Byron Highton saw 400 young people learning about the risks and dangers of knives in a bid to discourage young people from becoming involved in knife crime.

Inspector Dave Oldfield of Lancashire Violence Reduction Network, which co-ordinated activity, said:

“It’s been a hugely successful week with lots of positive interaction with the public.

“Officers have undertaken a number of intelligence driven operations to keep our communities safe from the dangers posed by weapons. Fortunately, knife crime is low in Lancashire compared with other areas.

“We have had a huge push on knife crime prevention during Op Sceptre week, supported by working with Byron Highton of JJ Effect CIC. By working with younger people to encourage them away from knives and working longer term together with partner organisations to address the root causes of knife crime we can develop safer communities for now and the future.

“As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease I urge anyone who is thinking about carrying a knife to think twice. If you carry a knife you are much more likely to get hurt and if you become seriously hurt it could affect you and your family for the rest of your life.”

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